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Anmyna Luxurious Fragrance Shower Gel 凝香奢宠沐浴露 300ml

RM 99.00
Anmyna Luxurious Fragrance Shower Gel 凝香奢宠沐浴露 300ml Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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凝香奢宠沐浴露 (2瓶) -为拯救黑皮而专研的美白沐浴露,含烟酰胺成分阻断黑色素形成,极速美白同时有效控油祛背痘、保湿、抗衰老,持续使用将时肌肤亮白水嫩。 

LUXURIOUS FRAGRANCE SHOWER GEL (2PCS) -Specially designed for darker skin, this Niacinamide whitening shower gel can inhibit melanin production, effectively whiten skin, oil controlling to prevent back acnes, moisturizing and anti-aging to give you a fair youthful skin.


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