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Aquasani RFX Lavendar 2 in 1 Sanitizer Spray (Hand+Air) 2合1消毒喷雾 100ml

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Aquasani RFX Lavendar 2 in 1 Sanitizer Spray (Hand+Air) 2合1消毒喷雾 100ml Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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----- Aquasani RFX 2 in 1 Liquid Non-Alcohol Hand & Air Sanitizer Spray ----- 

  • Non-alcohol 无酒精 
  • Non-toxic 无毒性 
  • Non-carcinogenic 无致癌物 
  • Non-preservatives 无防腐剂 
  • Non-flammable 非易燃物品 
  • No harms to respiratory health 布伤呼吸道

Aquasani RFX 2 in 1 Instant Sanitizer Spray does not contain alcohol, but the Benzalkonium that less than 0.1% and lavender essential oil of ingredients is proven effective in killing germs. Approved by TDS, SDS & EN1040 which is safe for kids without causing harm to the skin. 100ML spray bottle design is convenient for home or travel use. 

Why Choose Aquasani RFX Hand Sanitizer Spray?

1- Rinse free. 

2- Tested by EN1040 and 99.999% effectively in killing germs & protecting against COVID-19. 

3- Infused with 100% Natural Lavender Essential Oil. 

4- Non-alcohol, safe for pregnancy & kids. 

5- Reduce Infection Risk. 

6- Suitable for skin surface & air disinfection. 

7- Product safety and bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectant tested and approved by TDS, SDS and EN1040.  




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