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Order Notice

Kindly read carefully for more information, thank you.

    1. We will inform you that to make exchange or refund if which products sold out .  

    2. Kindly choose the type and size of Lingerie and Vinscon Lens carefully. We do not accept make                 any changes when order received.

    3. Products other than clothing may be shipped separately to ensure that you receive the goods as                   quickly as possible!

    4. Shipping fee as below:邮费计算如下

  • West Malaysia 西马 RM6Unlimited kg 无限重量与件数)
  • East Malaysia 东马 RM18Unlimited kg 无限重量与件数)
  • Singapore 新加坡 RM30Below 1kg1kg以内)
  • Other Country will be calculated automatically when check out 其他国家结单时将自动计算邮费。

If you have any questions, you can contact WhatsApp at 017-9268588. Thank you.

如有任何疑问,可联系WhatsApp 017-9268588. 谢谢您。

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