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JF18693AS Blouse 上衣 (L,XL,2XL)*

RM 39.00
JF18693AS Blouse 上衣 (L,XL,2XL)* Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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设计,剪裁,风格 大大与众不同🪄

尺码有L,XL,2XL 点击了解⬇️⬇️⬇️


Brand: Moscino

❤Size Reference    尺码参考  :    

L       建议胸围95-102cm

XL     建议胸围100-106cm

2XL    建议胸围105-110cm

❤Product Length   长度参考  :     60cm 

🌟Fabric reference  面料参考  :    Cotton 棉

🌟Elastic index       弹力指数  :     Medium 中等

🌟Thickness index  厚度指数  :    Medium 中等

🌟Softness index     柔软指数  :   Medium 中等

⚠因手工测量方式不同,若有2-5cm误差属合理范围 & 图片与实品有细微色差,不属于质量问题 ❗ 

Due to different manual measurement methods, if there is a 2-5cm error, it is a reasonable range & there is a slight color difference between the picture and the actual product, which is not a quality problem ❗

Order Notice

Kindly read carefully for more information, thank you.

1. Some Brand as below will inform you if goods sold out after checking balance of stock.   
     》 Vinscon Lens
     》 Lingerie

     》 Cici @ Paris


2. Kindly choose the type and size of Lingerie and Vinscon Lens carefully. We do not accept make any changes when order received. 

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