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European Series 14.5mm

RM 14.00
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Cosmestic lens import from Korea

1 pair = RM 28 Only ♥♥♥

⚠Single Side RM14  ⚠

Example :

Left 250D x1  Right 350D x1  =RM28✅

Left and Right also 250D x 2  =RM28✅

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Order Notice

Kindly read carefully for more information, thank you.

1. Some Brand as below will inform you if goods sold out after checking balance of stock.   
     》 Vinscon Lens
     》 Lingerie

     》 Cici @ Paris


2. Kindly choose the type and size of Lingerie and Vinscon Lens carefully. We do not accept make any changes when order received. 

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